filling the gaps

Homeschool ish- Learning at home in small chunks of time.

Some of us may desire to homeschool, but can’t for whatever reason. Others may want to aid their kids who are struggling with things they are learning, or help them fine tune a skill.

I noticed there were gaps in my oldest son’s education. Just a few things here and there, and then issues that also came up in the classroom. I was thrilled to have the summer to attempt to fill these gaps!

It was not easy to get my oldest son as excited about this as I was….

So, I took a “want” and paired it with something constructive.

My son wants to play on Minecraft. The kid loves this, but he knows I am not a big fan. When he filled up his Great Listener Jar and asked to have the game REinstalled (it was previously deleted due to his complete lack of desire to do anything but), we brokered a deal. He would have to earn the time to play Minecraft by doing academic type things. He surprised me with how quickly he wanted to shake on this deal.


Here we have him practicing carrying in addition. Each correct problem answered is a minute of Minecraft time. He has the opportunity to fix any wrong answers.

I found that worksheet, and tons of others, free online, I didn’t have to sign up or enter any info. I just clicked and printed. Click here to check it out. Seriously, he has been asking me for more math problems all day.

He also has the Teach Me app, where he earns coins for correct answers and such. He and I decided that 3 coins = 15 minutes of Minecraft.

imageThis series of apps are only compatible with Apple, sorry Droid users. Please comment below to recommend any similar apps on different operating systems.

I have used this app over the years with my oldest two for all kinds of things. I have used it where they have had to earn a set amount of coins before they could get in the swimming pool, watch a movie, or pretty much anything else they wanted to do. They are broken down by grade level and very easy for them to use.

He sets the timer himself and if he keeps playing after it has gone off (which he is NOT supposed to do), then he owes me. At this very moment he is sorting, folding, and putting away the laundry. Don’t feel bad for him as it is mostly his clothes. If the kid so much as brushes up against a clean shirt, he puts it in the dirty clothes….

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