Fish Tales

imageTrips to the woods and all things outdoors were how my husband and I spent most of our time before having kids. As the hecticness (totally made that word up) increased the outings decreased. But, we try our best to reconnect with the great outdoors when we get the chance.

Last weekend we embarked on a mission to catch fish. The whole family still fits in the pickup my husband has had since high school. We loaded up feeling nostalgic.

We had a wonderful time driving through the woods with my big boys in the back of the truck as we watched them dodge low limbs and stay balanced with their arms folded. They did a great job catching grasshoppers for bait while my youngest and I chowed down on the dinner we brought.

image image

In our excitement to head out the door we forgot to grab the 2 year old’s life jacket. He is NOT a swimmer. Not even a little bit. Also, his older brother (the risk taker) used up all the luck before he got here.

2 year old+ forgotten life jacket + NOT a swimmer + unlucky= this momma working extra hard to keep up with him

His determination to be as far away from me as possible made it even extra challenging.

And the heat…… did I mention this is The Great, Big, Beautiful state of Texas.  I’ll take the hot summer over an icy winter any day, but even in the evening it’s hot enough to melt you into a puddle. Which is exactly what was happening to me and the little.


I managed to quickly get a shot of them all as they waited for the first bite.


Soon there were 2 fish on separate lines! My middle son had caught the biggest perch I have ever seen. ( I honestly didn’t know they got that big.) While my oldest had a good size bass. I had my phone with me to capture just this moment on video.

It was about that time My 2 year old decided he’d had about enough. When I thought I had ended the awesome video he launched into a lovely fit. What I had really done was start recording. I never actually recorded ANY of the fish! Regretting the sundress without any pockets, I had my phone in my hand for my 2 year olds darling performance.

He is okay folks. He is excelling at being 2. And yes, that is some kind of animal poop on the pier. My guess is large bird.

While the big guys kept on catching, Littlest brother and I finished our fits while we watched from the  air conditioned truck at the end of the pier. By the time the sun fell on the other side of the trees the air and our tempers had cooled.

The three had been having fun catching fish after fish on the pier and they came back to make sure I got to have my fun, too.

With no intention of walking the pier, I met them half way. It was on my third cast and a playful offer from my husband to cast for me, that I hooked a bass right where he had just finished telling me “You’re never going to get one there.”

Having happily left my phone behind, you will just have to take my word for it.

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