Kayaking With the Kiddos

So another of our favorite hobbies this past, really-wet, tropical Houston summer has become kayaking! Always a favorite for me growing up, I have been dying to pass along the love of this pastime to my kiddos, but it’s a little hard to straddle the age groups for safety reasons and allow everyone to participate.  The wet weather brought a welcome fix though.  Due to record setting rain, our backyard looks like a swamp allowing us to learn to paddle, steer and balance the kayaks without fears of currents, tipping or drowning.  The water only reaches a few feet high through the back of our property, so the kids are able to maneuver their kayaks among the trees  and deer feeders and I was able to just enjoy the moment with my favorite passenger in tow.

Plus we had our snake watchers on patrol, so the only real threat was the occasional spider or clumps of poison ivy.

Dying to get the older kiddos out on the lake later in the season with our life jackets now that we’re officially novice kayakers!  (Although somebody has to sneak the darn whistle away from Shorty when she’s not looking!)


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