Kids in the Kitchen – Crock Pot Roast

imageCrock pot roast!

I chose the largest roast I could find at the store. It was about $7.

My son was in his HEB cooking class while I did the grocery shopping, otherwise he would have chosen the veggies to go in the crock pot. I went with potatoes, carrots and some snap peas that I knew he would like. I purchased mushrooms to go in as well, but then forgot about them when the time came. Those ended up in an impromptu salad later that week.

I cut the potatoes (we like skin on) while he peeled the carrots. image

We added the water together, and I got the chicken bullion out for him. After telling him that was enough he responded, “Just one more scoop.”image

Digging in my spice cabinet I provided him with an assortment of seasonings to smell and decide on. He specially requested the Tony’s. He decided what to use and how much.image image image image

We had dinner for 2 nights and some leftovers, enough for my parents the next day.  He was so proud of himself and was eager for the rest of the family to try it. His big brother was proud of him and impressed with what he made. Honestly, It tasted delicious! I was very impressed with his seasoning abilities. I hope that if you try this with your kids it turns out just as amazing as his! image

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  1. Judy Robinson
    Aug 20, 2015 @ 13:37:42

    This could be his calling. A future chef.


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